Steam and Genesis Games


It has been a long time since an update but we have great news!

First of all, we have launched Super 3D Noah’s Ark PC version on Steam, and it is currently on Greenlight. Please vote yes for it! If we can get it Greenlit it will help us alot to bring more remakes of old games to Digital Distribution.


Here is the Steam Community LinkĀ


In other News, We have picked up a new game to bring you all! Duke Nukem 3D for Sega Genesis is a game that was released late in the Genesis lifetime, and was only released in Brazil by the company Tectoy. Well we have acquired the licensing rights to distribute the game and it will be our very first Genesis Release! We are planning great things for the Sega Genesis and this is one of them. We are hoping to include shirts, and other goodies to promote this release!


We are constantly working on bring you new games for your favorite consoles, and we have plenty things on the works. Soon you will see our store full of different games to choose from! In addition, we are working very hard to bring the best possible service for homebrewers and Indie retro developers to publish their games!


If you have any comments or questions, please send contact us!