Super Noah’s Ark 3D (acquired)



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Super Noah's Ark 3D cart

During the Spring and Summer, one of our members reached to Wisdom Tree Games to inquiry about the acquisition of the license of some of their games.  We were very excited to realize that the staff and Wisdom Tree Games are very down to earth and willing to support the retro game scene. After a few weeks of negotiation, we were able to come into an agreement. Now, Piko Interactive has acquired the rights for Super Noah’s Ark 3D and we are planning to do a Cartridge release.

SNA3D cart would use the licensed game plugged on top to bypass Nintendo security and region lock chip (the CIC) which would allow Super Noah’s Ark 3D to run on the SNES. Currently Super Noahs Ark 3D is a very expensive game to purchase for the SNES. Its rarity can bump the price to the $500’s for the complete in box game.

If you know the story of Super Noah’s Ark 3D, the original cartridge was manufactured in a way that it needed an original SNES game plugged in on top of it to work.


Luckily, with today’s technology, and the work of Super Nintendo enthusiast, the security chip for the SNES has been backward engineered, and it is possible now to manufacture regular looking Super Noah’s Ark 3D cartridges. This will help collectors bring one more piece of video game history to their collection at a more affordable price.

We will be opening Super Noah’s Ark 3D for orders mid November, as well as other games that we have already announced.



3 thoughts on “Super Noah’s Ark 3D (acquired)

    1. Well, back in the Day Wisdom Tree had to license the Engine Wolfenstein was made with to be able to make this game and legally publish it. Although a lot of people believe is terrible game, there is a handful of people that enjoy it!

      1. At least I was right it is the Wolfenstein engine… played it for about a few mins laughing on a emulator. So nice to have everything possible on your pc, and play anything anytime. I would have to be pretty wasted to play that again lol!

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