A New Way To Publish Homebrew Games.

Before we start this note; I’d like to mention this is NOT an April Fools post. I am seeing April Fools Press Releases coming out as of today; but this is a real thing we have been working on and is almost complete.

Through conversations with homebrew developers and IP owners; I realized that there is a large concern about transparency from the publisher. I’ve heard horror stories of unpaid royalties and other companies that publish homebrew taking advantage of the homebrew developers. We believe that if we want to keep homebrew alive, we have to provide a trustworthy service with enough transparency for the IP owners to feel safe and release their games through Piko Interactive.

We have created an online application that will has just been integrated into our website that will allow homebrew developers to track their sales, be notified when a cart is sold, see their earnings and disbursement days.

The application has two types of accounts; the Administrator (us) and the IP owner/homebrewer (the user). Let’s take a look at the Administrator back end.

The Administrator backend has 6 different menu items which allow us to set up new accounts (homebrewers); set up new items/products for the homebrewer, and to reward manual sales to the homebrewers accounts (Convention, Amazon, Ebay, and Wholesale sales). The system will automatically reward royalties based on the orders that come in on our website. Each homebrewer will have a different ( or different sets) of SKUs that will have each different cost and royalty rewards.


In this section of the App we will be able to set up a  new License/IP Owner/Homebrewer and see their earnings.




In This section of the App we will be able to set up a product/item based on the SKU on our shopping cart.




In this section we will tie the SKU (more than one available) to the License owner. Since we pay royalties after production cost, we will add the cost and the royalty %. The system then will calculate the earnings of the Licensor and will display them on their user account. We have a comment section to remind us when is the agreed disbursement amount.


Licensor SKUs


This section just shows the sales the system is able to ping from our shopping cart. If the SKU has not been added to the system; it will not be recognized here, nor awarded to anyone.

auto sales



In this last section, we will be able to reward manual sales to the license owners. These may come from Ebay or Amazon marketplaces, game conventions or wholesale orders to stores. Since wholesale orders have greater quantity and are sold at discount, the cost, price and earnings will differ from the ones on our website. We are able to adjust all that on the manuals sales section based on our agreement with homebrew developers.


manual sales


Last but not least, The homebrewer dashboard (which I think it needs a bit of polishing to be able to read it better. Which will show the each sale and royalty calculation; as well as any manual entered rewards. They will see their pending earnings and their paid earnings.


homebrewer account



This application was developed in efforts to be more transparent and provide a better service to homebrewers. Please check it out and let us know what you think. And I hope this convince other homebrewers to release their games through Piko Interactive.

If you have a homebrew game and would like to make a physical production run, please send us an email using our Contact Us form.

If you publish homebrew games that are not supported by our manufacturing capabilities, and are interested in using our royalty system for your website; Contact Us for licensing opportunities.