New Releases and Important Announcements


We Got Important Announcements to Make!

Hello Retro Gamers!

We have been working on a lot of projects in the last few months, and we have some very important announcements to make; first of, it is time now for our yearly batch of new games releases!

We got 3 New Sega Genesis games, 1 NES game, 2 SNES games and 1 Gameboy Color Game.

For the Sega Genesis fans we got the port of Super 3D Noah’s Ark to Sega Genesis, which its official title is Mega 3D Noah’s Ark! Another title available is the Arcade shoot’em up Custodian. And lastly, as many people have requested it, the English translation of Brave Battle Saga – The Legend of the Magic Warrior(Turn based RPG)

For NES we have the originally PAL exclusive Noah’s Ark now in a world wide release. Noah’s Ark is a Shoot’em Up or Run & Gun style game with great graphics and lots of fun gameplay! Our cartridges will be region free even though this game came out already in Europe.

For SNES we have another originally PAL exclusive title called The Humans, which is a puzzle game very similar to Lemmings, the game is full of lots of fun levels, boss fights and head scratching puzzles! We also have for SNES the unreleased platformer Pinkie! This game is packed with awesome graphics and lots of levels!

And last but not least, what many many people have been waiting for! The unreleased game Tyrannosaurus Tex for Gameboy Color! This game is a first person shooter that pushes the system’s capabilities! It is packed with over 20 levels of action, each level harder than the last! This game is NOT for casual gamers and only hardcore retro games will be able to take on this challenge!

We will take pre-orders for 4-5 months starting today. Some games will be ready earlier than others, but we will hold orders that have a game or two that is not ready.

We would also like to mention that we have changed factories for SNES and Genesis Cartridge Shells and the quality has been upgraded significantly. We are always looking for ways to raise the quality of our products.

We would like to make another very important announcement.

Due to the current popularity of retro gaming, retro game products, retro consoles, and new game releases. We are forced to do some changes to our business strategy. We no longer will publish small scale games or homebrew titles, and will concentrate only on commercial quality content.

There are many teams and studios releasing homebrew games, and we believed consumers are bombarded with products which would be unfair to expect them to afford them all. The only solution that we think will work is raising the bar on quality and content, along with lowering pricing of our game releases.

We will no longer price any single title (that is not limited edition), no matter how expensive is to manufacture or how much budget went to the development, over the $54.99 price mark. All our releases will be that or less.

In addition to this, we will liquidate a lot of our current stock on games that will no longer be supported, Along completely killing the homebrew category. It pains me to do this, as we always wanted to have games available at all times, but that no longer is a viable business strategy.

Titles going into liquidation and will never be produced are:

Quest ForgeSmart MouseSumo SlamSnakkyBroken CircleWorld RebornAnguna GBAEscape of AtlantisFree Fall.

All have under 100 units left in stock.

These titles will be price dropped but will still be carried either CIB or Cart only:

Super 3D Noah’s Ark, Corn Buster, Apocalypse II, Mr. Bloopy Saves the World, Duke Nukem, Generals of the Yang Family, Water Margin, Dorke and Ymp, WT Collection Genesis, and WT Collection NES.

Price dropping, lower prices, or liquidations will not affect the future quality of the games. As mentioned before, we are always looking new was to upgrade the quality of our games.