Piko Interactive’s Proto/Copyright Acquisitions


Hey Guys, so lately we have been working on full force to acquire prototypes along their rights to finish the games and publish them. I want to keep this thread open to discuss the games that we have acquired and the status of each game (usually we get games incomplete).
Game NameStatus Description
Dorke and Ymp SNES Fully Playable New World added from source code acquired, New music, bug fixes, and additional boss fights. Available for purchase at http://pikointeractive.com/store.html and Steam.
Pinkie SNES Fully Playabledebug mode turned off – Currently WTB CD32 and Megadrive protos. Scheduled to release in 2017
-Indigo ST/AmigaFully Playable Game fully playable dumps available online. We are planning GBA/GenesisJaguar ports along physical CD32 physical release.


Tyrannosaurus Tex GBC – Fully Playable Proto Rom acquired from fellow Assemblergames member, seems to be fully playable working on a couple of small things that need polish. Physical release for GBC planned for 2017. PC Remaster planned as well as Genesis port planned.


Jim Power The Lost Dimension Genesis – Fully Playable Optimized to work on both PAL and NTSC, fully playable with all songs, will be released in a planned Jim Power Crowdfunding campaign along with every physical version of every Retro platform.
Video Kid SNES – NOT FOUND – Unfortunately the programmer and sub-publisher lost all data of the SNES version. WTB SNES prototype. Hoping Kaneko Japan has a back up somewhere.
Switchblade II NES – NOT FOUND Developer who coded mentioned he may have a back up but lead went cold. Currently WTB prototype of the NES version; hoping Kaneko Japan has a back up.

Madness House of Fun Genesis – NOT FOUND Have a lead of the game,confirmation of its existence and “several levels developed. Game was based of Harlequin with music from the UK band. WTB Prototype.
-ODEMA GBA – Found /WIP Found the source code for part of the games, art assets for the full game and very early build of the game. Game will be re-written from scratch it seems. Have a lead of a collector that owns a later proto but not willing to sell. WTB Proto for ODEMA GBA.
We’ve been very busy, this is time consuming and expensive, but I’m glad there is progress. Any comments or questions please let me know. Any lead of attainable license/rights protos would be appreciated!
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