Second Wave of Games Ready for Pre-Order


Today is the Day!

The Day of our second wave of video game titles launched! We have been preparing a set of 6 new games and 1 re-print for a while now and they are ready for you to claim your copy!

We have introduced a new platform we have never released carts before and that is the Atari Jaguar! Custodian is our first release for Atari Jaguar of what we hope many! By you supporting our first release, you are helping us open the road to releasing more games for the Jaguar.

We have prepared for you 3 Sega Genesis releases, one homebrew game called Sumo Slam, a translation of the Taiwanese exclusive Smart Mouse, and another localization and enhancement of Taiwanese exclusive Generals of the Yang Family.

For the SNES lovers we have the incredibly awesome Iron Commando fully translated in English, and the re-print of the fantasy beat’em up Legend. Both games will be available complete in box.

And last but not least for the NES we will introduce a new set of games that will resemble the launch titles for the NES back in the 80s (The Black Box Set) and the first installment will be Snakky, quantities for Snakky will be limited complete in box so make sure you grab your copy quick!

All games pre-ordered will come factory sealed! Games like Snakky and Sumo Slam complete in box versions will have very limited quantities (no more than 200-250) with no re-print runs available. We will start shipping on December 2016 or January 2017 depending on the demand.

Wholesale opportunities will be open to re-sellers in 2017. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page!

Several of our other products on for the next 2 weeks. Titles like Dorke and Ymp, Duke Nukem, Corn Buster, Water Margin, Quest Forge, Hind Strike and others are currently on Sale. Visit our On SALE! category to see the items.

For Collectors, we have 9 complete in box sets of the officially released and kickstarter exclusive Dizzy in Wonderland. They were released last year in a run of 150 units, which 9 are available on our store, original price was more than £170 (Great British Pounds).

Finally, we have open to the publish the pre-orders of the NES Wisdom Tree Collection Multicart and the Sega Genesis Wisdom Tree Collection multicart. Each of these will include all the games released by Wisdom Tree for those respective platforms!

If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page!