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Here at Piko Interactive we believe that education is the cornerstone in the life of any professional or any individual that wants to become a professional during his/her lifetime.


Higher Education provides you with the academics and experience to either, start your own business, or start your career at a company that will enhance your future.


But with higher education comes a great sacrifice; as a student, you have to invest hours of study, activities, and even free labor to get your degree. On top of that, you have pay for it.; we understand and have lived through the hard times a student can go while in college due to lacking of funds.


That is why we will be providing support to students that are both hard working and are in need of funding for their college costs. It is an investment to the future game developers that will save the gaming industry from its current state.

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The "Keep Retro Alive" Scholarship shall be provided to under-graduate students enrolled in a full time basis, actively pursuing a degree in Computer Science in The College of Sciences at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Applicants must have and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5. Our intentions are to provide this scholarship to at least 2 students that meet the qualifications. Preference will be given to students who have reached junior or senior status and have completed or are enrolled to one of the game development classes at UTSA.


We built our company with the experience and education received at UTSA; at the same time, we built great memories and friendships along the way. This is the very minimum we can do to show our gratitude. Go Runners!

Click Donate to the Keep Retro Alive Scholarship for UTSA Computer Science Students. All donations go directly to a special scholarship account.

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