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Super Noah's Ark 3d is a Christian themed video game released in the latter part of 1994.  Although the game seems like a legitimate release its actually an unlicensed game from producer 'Wisdom Tree' who acquired the rights to 'Wolfenstein 3d's' game engine.


The gameplay is similar to Wolfenstein, with a shooting experience set within a none violence, game world.  Your protagonist is Noah and his problem is that the animals he has collected on his ship won't sleep.  Your duty as the player is to fire sleep inducing fruit at the animals in order to progress through the game.


As we continue, the collection of weapons increases allowing the player to shoot bigger fruit, at bigger animals.  Within each level there is secret areas and short cuts, allowing for various different play through, alongside numerous difficulty levels. Although the game seems limited in areas, it is more than efficient at promoting a child safe experience with a progressive learning curve.


The game features passwords at the end of every level to help continue your mission.





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